League of Legends, like many other online games, included the "/d" functionality. And just like in other games, most of the dances have a original source. The more dances that you can identify the better idea you get of exactly what Riot staffers are into. From the looks of it, they like K-Pop, viral videos, and anime. Who'da thunk it?

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    Techno Viking

    Our favorite LoL viking's dance was inspired by none other than the Techno Viking. This fits quite nicely, Olaf likes to murder people who are after his carry, just like the Techno Viking likes to protect people who cannot protect themselves.

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    Run Devil Run Dance

    Ahri is the first LoL champ on our list who gets inspiration from a K-Pop dance. The dance was originated by the K-Pop group Girls' Generation. I don't really understand the draw for K-Pop myself, but it's still a cool dance none the less.

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    Peeparoonie Dance

    Our favorite underwater titan is pulling his moves straight from the world of professional wrestling. Christian Cage busted out these moves during a WWE televised event on TNN. This was a relatively old episode of WWE, so we know their are a few die hard wrestling fans among the Riot staff who dug this out.

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    AKB48 River Dance

    More Asian Pop! Now, it might seem like the beat and the costume are from the 1980's. But, I assure you it's not. The dance originated from the J-Pop group AKB48, it is from their video for a song called "River." It's fitting that our dragon friend, Shyvana, is dancing to a song called "River"... because that is where she comes from to reign death down upon unsuspecting laners! zzzzz that was just bad.

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    Haruhi dance

    Ez is fabulous! So, what better dance than a slightly unsettling anime dance from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya." Oh Ezreal, why must you dance like this when their are already so many questions about your sexual preferences?

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    One of the most ionic dances of all time is bestowed upon one of the most recognizable characters in League of Legends. The legendary status of Michael Jackson's "Thriller Dance" is a perfect fit for our furry little friend, Warwick. Now if only WW's blood scent ability increased his speed while in range of targets under the age of 10, just like MJ's does...

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    Shuffle Dance

    If LMFAO didn't endorse "The Shuffle," this dance could be #1 on the list, but they do. So, I don't want people to think that LMFAO is good, in any way, ever. But other than that, both Viktor and Pae & Sarah know how to break it down! In fact, Pae & Sarah had the whole shuffling thing concurred before LMFAO had anything to do with it.

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    Hello, My Baby Dance

    Old school Warner Brothers fans rejoice! Coming in at #3 on the list is the always classic "Hello, My Baby Dance" from WB's mascot himself! In case you didn't know, Michael J. Frog is his name... and dancing is his game. And what better champ than our monstrous friend Kog'Maw to shoulder the responsibility of such a classic dance.

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    Everybody's favorite broke hip hop idol, MC Hammer is the inspiration for Malzahar. Too bad Malz's bad ass dance does nothing to make him a more viable champ. Maybe with a little bit of luck, he will bounce back just like MC Hammer di..... er wait... never mind.

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    America's Got Talent Sam B Dance

    Riot loves America's Got Talent! It's true. Volibear derives his very unique dance from a very unique contestant on AGT. Sam B, I hope you play LoL because you are now forever immortalized as an armored bear.

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    Bonus! Phreak Dance

    If you haven't seen it, enjoy. If you have, enjoy.

    Had to include this...