Welcome scrubs, noobs, and ragers! This is the sacred tome of helpful advice for League of Legends. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily reference it during your heated battles on Summoners Rift (you can quickly alt+tab during team fights to get some awesome advice as to how to defeat your foes). If you know of a new player BE SURE to share this page with him/her so they can quickly rise in the ranks of elo.



Press D To Dance

Advice by Forbiddian
Probably the most overused piece of "advice" in all of League of Legends. It is the quick way to dance. '/dance' takes soooooo long, just use your preset bindings, slam that d key, and boogie!
Also be sure to facecheck the bush right after you flashed...er...danced.
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Buy Tristana And Alistar With RP

Advice by PeterSimp
If you are looking for one of the best deals in the game, be sure to look no further than purchasing Tristana and Alistar! Don't even think about blowing 2700 hard earned IP on these champs. They are only 1170 in RP, so you can grab both of these regularly used champs for a mere $10. You'd be dumb not to do it.
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Be Sure To Grab A Boot For Each Foot

Advice by nojitosunrise
Most new players don't take into account that you have multiple feet, so you should pick up multiple boots. Most champs are humanoid, therefore you should pick up 2 boots for these champs (good luck finding that elusive right boot). For monster champions like Skarner, be sure to properly count his feet then purchase boots accordingly.
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If You Play Mid Lane Grab Smite

Advice by blinken
Smite isn't JUST for the jungler. In fact, it is perfect for the mid lane. Be sure to pick up the large wraith on your way to lane. It will give you a XP and gold advantage over the enemy laner and will help speed up your jungler's clear time so he can gank earlier. Plus 2 smites on your team will give you excellent baron and dragon control.

Always Chase Singed He Leaves A Nice Purple Trail So He Is Easy To Find

Advice by lunaticsb
Disregard the title of video, I'm pretty sure that he meant 'Always chase Singed.' Singed constantly has a purple trail behind him that just screams 'Chase me, I'm right here!'
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Wards Are Overrated - Don't Buy Them!

Advice by Eloni
Wards are overrated, don't buy them! First of all, they only last 3 minutes. So in theory you would need to buy these ALL GAME for them to be even close to effective. Secondly, they cost 75 gold! How in hell can you purchase wards all game when you are rushing your deathcap on Soraka (gotta get dem big heals). And lastly, all the enemy has to do is buy an oracle and all those wards are instantly countered. See!? Wards are for scrubs.

Blue Pill Is For Nubs

Advice by baconhax
Why waste 7-8 seconds recalling back to your fountain? It is a HUGE waste of time. There is another option and it has more pros than cons. All you have to do is die: It's an instant teleport back to your fountain. You get a handful of seconds of death timer to contemplate your build and make sure you are buying the correct items. And if you want to step it up a notch, take revive + teleport as your summoners and you can instantly be back in lane with full health.

Buy Eve

Advice by MrTyx
The video below will show you the power of Eve...

Buy Eve. You can't counter her power!
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Grab Promote On Junglers - OP Ganks

Advice by Dreadmonkey
Wait a minute, promote on a jungler you ask? But... you have no allied creeps in the jungle. That might be correct, but you will have crazy ganks that are basically 3v1's or 4v2's. 'Oh noes! Promoted minion is ganking me! QQ' says the enemy laner. Your response? 'HUEHUEHUEHUE!' Also be sure to re-read the 4th and 7th tip on the list. If your mid lane takes smite, your jungler has the option to take revive and promote. After a successful tower dive that kills you and forces an enemy laner to go b (making him lose xp and gold huehuehue), you can instantly be back in the jungle farming for your next gank. Too pro, too pro.

Always Rage When There Is An Opportunity To Do So

Advice by superfury
Be sure to flip out on your teammates. It will motivate them into playing better and paying closer attention to the mini-map. No one ever responds to constructive criticism anyway.