New Russian Combat Robot is Insanely Terrifying! [Video]
This has to be the most terrifying soldier even put on the field. I'm not sure how other armies are going to survive or escape when this beast of a killing machine gets released onto the battlefield.
It's lightning quick reflexes, it's deadly aggression, it's horrifying appearance…
U.S. Military Actually Has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan!
This is not a joke, this is not a test!  The U.S. Military has plans sitting around for pretty much every contingency: kidnapped president, nuclear war, insect invasion, alien invasion and plant apocalypse. OK, maybe not the plant thing, but they could!
It turns out that they also have a very real pl…
Gears Of War 3 Official Release Date Is Here!
Gears of War 3 will launch for Xbox 360 worldwide on Sept 20th, with the exception of Japan whose street date is Sept 22. Late last year, Epic Games pushed back Gears 3 from its original April launch window to an unspecified fall release.
North Korea Attacks South Korea
Video of North Korean shells exploding on South Korea's Yeonpeong Island.
Don't worry, though. Obama will send a strongly worded letter.