It's been a whirlwind 24 hours since I write my last blog.

We had a really fun time meeting everyone at 95.5 KLAQ in El Paso yesterday. As soon as we arrived, we recorded a segment for a "new music" show with one of the DJs, Ray, that will air on KLAQ on Sunday. Directly after that we went live on the air with the afternoon jock, Glenn. We became fast friends with Glenn and ended up going out to his house for long overdue showers in the afternoon, and he even invited us to spend the night there last night. His 80-year-old, 2nd degree-black-belt mother lives with him, and make a mean batch of banana bread!! They were so hospitable. We feel so lucky when we meet certain people along our journey that we just know are going to be friends forever. Over the last 3 years that support team has become overwhelming. For those of you out there reading this, you'll never know how grateful we are. The music and the friendships are what truly fuel this band.

The gig last night was booked very last minute, about 2 weeks ago to be exact, due to some confusion with another venue in town. We showed up around 5. It was a really tiny place, with a tiny stage. Through all the shows we've played, one lesson that we've learned is that sometimes it's better to play it smart than to play it loud. Even though the show was advertised as a metal night, we decided to go acoustic. Everyone involved in last night's show was SO nice to work with! The staff, the promoters, and the local metal bands were so gracious and accommodating. With size of the room and sound system, I'm really glad we decided to play acoustic.

The band and Chip all got to enjoy a celebratory dinner in honor of Chip's birthday. We ate at a Mexican place across the street from the venue called Kiki's. It was actually featured on the food network.

After the show we went back to Glenn's to park the bus and crash. The band woke up at 5:30am to drive to Las Cruces NM for 95.5 The Rocket's morning show with Lynz and Jack. They are a hilarious duo that has always been so supportive of us. They've been playing Wayland since "Welcome to My Head" first came out. We are really looking forward to loud, sweaty rock show in Las Cruces tonight!

We are running errands now, like mailing out online merch orders and a Walmart stop. The venue got us hotel rooms tonight, so I called the hotel and they are going to let us check in at 10am, which means we'll have a place to set up camp for the day before load in. Dean has a bad cold so I'm hoping he gets some rest this afternoon.

– Phil Vilenski

Guitarist Phil Vilenski from Wayland is a touring contributor to So, keep an eye out for more tour stories from the band!