HE'S ON FIRE! BOOM SHAKA LAKA! JAMS IT IN! Sound familiar? Even if you are not a fan of sports games. NBA JAM was amazing, and still holds up insanely well. How could you forget 2 on 2 basketball with some of the greats like Scottie Pippin, Larry Bird, and Bill Clinton! Wait....huh?

What: NBA Jam was a simple 2 on 2 basketball game, but it was basketball on steroids (or JUICE...explanation soon). You picked your team of some of the best players (or not) in the NBA, and proceed to win the game. Simple right?

Why: Like I said, this was more than just basketball, it was CRAZY BASKETBALL! You could put "icons" on the court, and stand on these to either get 3 to 9 points in one dunk! You could dunk from all the away across the court! Also, if you had the proper codes, Bill Clinton, Will Smith, even DJ Jazzy Jeff could be players! Best part? OH MY HE'S ON FIRE! That's right, getting the fire ball was intense. It was a pretty much guaranteed point. There was something so rewarding about having "The Fire Ball." Seeing that fire trail behind the ball as you shot a half court shot, so satisfying man. Lastly, how could you forget the announcer? That dude coined a number of phrases that when I even watch a live basketball game, I can't help but yell out, "BOOM SHAKA LAKA!" NBA Jam is just one of those games for the game player, that doesn't want to remember 800 plays, just a simple 2 on 2 game.