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The Most Intense Game of NBA Jam Ever [Video]
Playing NBA Jam on Sega Genesis is still one of the funnest things that I do with friends. For pretty much my entire life, I played only 2 player games with my friend Jon. Until we discovered the 4 player adapter later in life that allowed 4 players to play on screen.
If you think Halo or Call of Dut…
Games To Try Before You Die: NBA Jam (SNES/Sega/etc.)
HE'S ON FIRE! BOOM SHAKA LAKA! JAMS IT IN! Sound familiar? Even if you are not a fan of sports games. NBA JAM was amazing, and still holds up insanely well. How could you forget 2 on 2 basketball with some of the greats like Scottie Pippin, Larry Bird, and Bill Clinton! Wait....huh?