Angry Video Game Nerd Learns the Way of Seaman [Video]
The Angry Video Game Nerd has been playing video games that have been torturing him for years! This time though, AVGN goes after a console that many people loved and a game that many people have either forgotten or never heard of.
However, I have heard of it, and it stars Leonard Nimoy.
Sega is Sorry That They ‘Betrayed’ Their Fans [Video]
Sega was a juggernaut back in the 1990's, and I still love the Sega Genesis! It's one of my favorite video game consoles.
Over the years though, Sega has had some major downfalls, specifically the latest Sonic the Hedgehog games.
However, they want to win you back.
Remember When Sega Was King? [Video]
Being a '90's kid, I can't help but remember my childhood, which felt like it ended on December 31, 1999. After that date, everything felt older ya know?
If you listen to me on air or read any of my blogs, you'll know that I am quite the gamer. Before you were Playstation or Xbox.…
Metalhead Ned’s Favorite Video Game Consoles of All Time [List]
I knew that the time would come where I would have to list my favorite video game consoles of all time.
I spend a lot of my time on writing about video games and heavy metal.
I will say that I spend more time writing about video games though, because I love them...
The Most Intense Game of NBA Jam Ever [Video]
Playing NBA Jam on Sega Genesis is still one of the funnest things that I do with friends. For pretty much my entire life, I played only 2 player games with my friend Jon. Until we discovered the 4 player adapter later in life that allowed 4 players to play on screen.
If you think Halo or Call of Dut…
ToeJam & Earl to Make an Indie Return, Needs Your Help [Video]
In the early '90's, a very strange video game by the name of Toejam & Earl came out for Sega Genesis. You played as either ToeJam or Earl, or played 2 player Co-op and played as ToeJam & Earl. Through it's crazy exterior, it is one of the funnest games of all time!
The first game garnered 2 s…
What Happened to the Crazy Characters in Video Games?
Remember Earthworm Jim? Aero the Acrobat? Bubsy the Bobcat? Rocket Knight? What ever happened to this strange creativity? These games were a blast! Well, maybe not all of them, but the definitely left a mark on video game history don't you think?
KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is Just an Awkward Video Game
Last night I hooked up my Sega Dreamcast and played some video games. My friend Bruce had a new game that he wanted to try so I broke it out. When I opened the disc door, I noticed I left a game in there. It was KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child. After we played his game, I played it for a bit…
ToeJam & Earl is One Strangely Awesome Game [Video]
Sega Genesis was always considered the 'big boys' gaming console back in the 90's. With it's sleek black look, shiny exterior, and balls to wall games...Super Nintendo was just a babies toy (I beg to differ...) I was fortunate to own both of these game consoles growing up, but played my SNES more. …
Sega Genesis is 25 Years Old…Feel Old Yet?
25 years...that is a long time am I right? What were you doing 25 years ago? Were you even born yet? I was born in 1987 (making me 26 years old), and my first game console was the NES. I loved that little grey introduced me to the 8-Bit world! Mario, TMNT, Back to the name it, …
Games To Try Before You Die: NBA Jam (SNES/Sega/etc.)
HE'S ON FIRE! BOOM SHAKA LAKA! JAMS IT IN! Sound familiar? Even if you are not a fan of sports games. NBA JAM was amazing, and still holds up insanely well. How could you forget 2 on 2 basketball with some of the greats like Scottie Pippin, Larry Bird, and Bill Clinton! Wait....huh?

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