Heck yea man, freakin' MEGA MAN! The Blue Bomber totally rocked the NES back in the day man. Stellar gameplay, challenging levels, and kick face music! There have been a ton of Mega Man games it seems like, and they do continue to make them too! But why is Mega Man 2 so good?

What: Dr. Wily is up to his ol' tricks again. He has created 8 new robot masters and plan to take over the world! Mega Man needs to stop Dr. Wily before this can happen.

Why: Mega Man has the same general control scheme, but this game was separate from all the rest because of one thing. The freakin' music! I know, it is just music right? Well, Mega Man music had this feel to it where you felt like you could climb any mountain and scream, "DRAGO!!!" (Rocky 4 reference....man I am going crazy...). Check out the video below and listen to the epic-ness that is the "Wood Man Theme."

Music aside and whatnot, this is your typical Mega Man game...shooting, jumping, falling, spiky hazards, and a ton of frustration. Honestly, you could toss Mega Man 2 into a "Mega Man NES Pile of Games" and figure it's one of the other games. It's just the music in this game really got me into it, you felt like you could take on the world and it hooked you into the game play. When you beat Dr. Wily at the end, you jumped out of your chair, the remnants of ruffled chips departing from your shirt, and yelled...."EFF' YEA MAN!"

So if you grab an NES, make sure you pick this game up with it. It's a pretty common game, but one of the finest out there.