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Metalhead Ned Completes His Mega Man Collection
After many years of patience and a few paychecks, I finally completed a portion of my collection that was pretty important to me. These games are wildly popular, therefore they are harder to find because no one sells them! Patience and a little luck paid off as I finally own the complete collection …
5 Awesome Video Game Songs That Amp Up Your Game Play
You ever play a video game, and a song just comes up and you just get this sudden inspiration to just dominate?
I know you have!
Here is a quick list of some of those great songs that are in video games that encourage you just to blow s**t up...
Second Annual GR8 Bit Live Goes Down on May 3
Video game music FTW!
No, I am not talking about plugging in your old-school game carts and jamming to some 8-Bit music. This is an awesome onslaught of video game music performed LIVE, and yes, it is as cool as it sounds.
Performing at GR8 Bit will be Playing with Power, Super Guitar Bros and The X-H…
Games To Try Before You Die: Mega Man 2 (NES)
Heck yea man, freakin' MEGA MAN! The Blue Bomber totally rocked the NES back in the day man. Stellar gameplay, challenging levels, and kick face music! There have been a ton of Mega Man games it seems like, and they do continue to make them too! But why is Mega Man 2 so good?