You ever play a video game, and a song just comes up and you just get this sudden inspiration to just dominate?

I know you have!

Here is a quick list of some of those great songs that are in video games that encourage you just to blow s**t up!


  • Theme-Gears of War 3

    The theme song in this game is very encouraging. The game is already full of blood, chain saws, destruction, and stellar game play, so add this awesome theme in with it.

    Especially right when you are about to save Marcus Fenix's father and you are pinned down in a hallway. Then that theme comes up and you are just like, "MAN, I HAVE TO SAVE MY DAD!" Lancers flying everywhere, gun fire, goosebumps run up your arms cause dammit! YOU GOTTA SAVE DAD!

    Listen here!

    Microsoft Studios
  • Zero's Theme-Mega Man X3

    This song is just so awesome, I have it as a ringtone for a fellow friend of mine.

    The beginning of the game, you play as Mega Man, with barely any powers and are very weak. No special weapons and you are pretty set with the fact that you are going to die within' the first part of the game. Eventually, Mega Man is kidnapped and you are all like, "Oh great, now what?"

    Then out of the ceiling bursts' out Zero, and for the first time ever, you take control of this powerhouse! All while the music that is playing is just this amazing metal guitar solo as you are wrecking robots everywhere. BOOM! CRASH! Blowing s**t up! To this awesome song and your bad ass green sabre.

    Listen here!

  • One Winged Angel-Final Fantasy VII

    Of course this song would make this list.

    One Winged Angel is played during the second form of Sephiroth. You are 3 people from your party, and have to go against this god-like looking person who has the power to destroy the entire universe. During this time though, this epic song with a choir is going along with the battle. This song is so well recognized, it has been even metal-ized by the composer himself!

    Next time you are L.A.R.Ping or something, put this song in the background. Just don't destroy the universe.

    Listen here!

  • Battle Theme-Metal Gear Solid

    I get a very nostalgic feeling when I hear this song.

    Metal Gear Solid for PSX was one of the first games that introduced me to music that wasn't chip-tunes. Hearing this type of music in a game that wasn't just beep and bloops was mind blowing!

    You do hear this song quite a few times during the game, but at the ending (SPOILER ALERT) when Liquid Snake is chasing you down in the Jeep while your trying to kill him. That tension you feel wondering if you'll survive the battle and this fast paced music is playing, it just amps it up!

    But is Liquid truly dead?

    Listen here!

  • Bowser's Theme-Super Mario Galaxy

    I'll admit, I am sucker for epic music in a video game. When I think of this type of music in a game though, I never though I would hear it from a 'cute' loving world like Super Mario Galaxy. When Nintendo does 'dark,' it does it very well!

    Super Mario Galaxy was unique because it had a fully orchestrated soundtrack, and it was great! So great, that the soundtrack was included with Nintendo Wii consoles for some time.

    The first time you encounter Bowser though, this very string instrument oriented song plays while you are trying to survive an onslaught of attacks from this huge boss! I think this song could also play on sports commercials showing a huge rivalry between teams! I know I use the word 'epic' a lot, but this song really fits the bill of that word.

    You might even fail a couple times just to hear the song again!

    Listen here!