It's hard to believe that this game is 8 years old! I never planned on purchasing an Xbox 360, but fate had a different path for me. Just got out of a messy break up and I needed a pick me up. Long story short, I won an Xbox 360! What a glorious day that was!

A new console and a new lease on life, what games should I get? Of course there was Halo and such, but there was this game that looked extremely Next Gen, and that was Gears of War.

What: In GOW, you play as Marcus Fenix. Seemingly out of nowhere, an army of Locusts emerges from the ground and is bound to take over the world. Humanities existence is in question. Marcus must detonate the resonator to map out the Locusts tunnels and kill the Locusts! It's a Third Person Duck and Cover Action Shooter (That's a mouthful...)!

Why: Not only did the game have really good control, but a great storyline. The music of this game was also fantastic, and Marcus was voiced by John DiMaggio whom also voices Bender (Futurama) and Jake (Adventure Time). There were hidden items, the characters were like-able, and the graphics looked amazing.

I really enjoy Gears of War, and I still do today! However, when it comes to mentioning this game among some current gamers, I seem to be shunned. Basically, if I don't play Call of Duty, I sucked. Which I never really got...Gears of War had story, great graphics, and stellar gameplay...what was wrong with that? Plus the amount of blood and gore? That's always awesome :)

Gears of War went on to have 2 sequels and one prequel, but I will save those for another GTTBYD...especially GOW3, man...that game is good!

Plus when the game was released, they put this trailer up featuring the song 'Mad World.' The song and the mixture of the trailer molds together quite well, and makes you want to play the game.