Petition Started to Bring Back CBS Show ‘Battle Creek’ [Video]
I'll admit I never watched the show Battle Creek...  But, my DVR is full of recorded episodes, I just haven't gotten around to watching them. Television junkie problems, man.
I was excited when I first heard about a cop show being made about the West Michigan city. And Josh Duhamel. I was also excite…
Cartoon Theme Songs Get Metal Makeovers [Video]
Viral video star Jared Dines is pretty productive when he's bored. That's how this video of metal covers of cartoon theme songs came to be. "I got bored. This happened," he explains on YouTube.
"This" is pretty great! Check out Dines giving metal makeover…
New Netflix Instant Releases: June 2015
Next month brings a whole new batch of streaming content to Netflix Instant, including the Wachowskis’ new original series Sense8, as well as Orange Is the New Black Season 3, and the Netflix Original documentary on the life of the legendary Nina Simone. In addition, some new seasons of your …

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