When I found out that Metalocalypse was cancelled because Adult Swim didn't buy it again, I was pretty annoyed! Metalocalypse was such a cool show that you would never find on any television network! Sadly, the show ended after the 4th season.

Creator Brendon Small would like to see one last season for it.

In an interview with Ultimate Guitar, Brendon was asked about the 5th season and here was his reply:

"Here's all that I know: I have a final story I really like, and I think since Hulu currently has a license for the streaming rights I believe that would be a good place for the final story. If they were to partner with Adult Swim, then maybe we'd have a place for the shows that still have a strong audience that the network can no longer afford. Get on Twitter or Facebook and tell Hulu how much you love "Metalocalypse" and who knows what'll happen?"

So you know what to do folks, flood Hulu's Facebook and Twitter with requests for a new season of Metalocalypse! I already did my part.