Just 1 Day Left Until We Know What MetalocalypseNOW is [Video]
About a week ago, a mysterious website popped up on the internet referencing the popular Adult Swin TV show Metalocalypse.
Sadly the show was not renewed for a 5th season and fans have been wondering what is to become of the death metal group.
Tomorrow, we could possibly have our answers.
Brendon Small Needs Your Help to Bring ‘Metalocalypse’ to Hulu [Video]
When I found out that Metalocalypse was cancelled because Adult Swim didn't buy it again, I was pretty annoyed! Metalocalypse was such a cool show that you would never find on any television network! Sadly, the show ended after the 4th season.
Creator Brendon Small would like to see one last sea…
‘Metalocalypse’ Get’s Renewed For a 4th Season
Most likely the most 'metal' show of all time on television, animated series 'Metalocalypse' is getting renewed for a 4th season on Cartoon Networks late night block 'Adult Swim.' In the words of Dethklok, "That's Brutal!"