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Brendon Small Needs Your Help to Bring ‘Metalocalypse’ to Hulu [Video]
When I found out that Metalocalypse was cancelled because Adult Swim didn't buy it again, I was pretty annoyed! Metalocalypse was such a cool show that you would never find on any television network! Sadly, the show ended after the 4th season.
Creator Brendon Small would like to see one last sea…
Metalocalype Will Not Return for a 5th Season [Video]
Pretty much the only reason that I do not have cable is because I can't afford the extra expense.
In reality though, the reason I don't have a cable or satellite provider is because I know there will not be a 5th season of Metalocalype.
Dethklok’s Brendon Small Streaming His Solo Album ‘Galaktikon’
Brendon Small is the most metal animator in the world. He animates and voices the METAL-TOON that is Metalocalypse. He also fronts Dethklok as well. Brendon Small has now gone on a solo venture, and his first solo album has hit the internet airwaves! Guess what? You can listen to it for free!