Before their show at the Stache Friday night, British rockers, Young Guns visited WGRD to play some songs and talk music, touring, and what's next for the band!

After lots of success in their native UK, their song "Bones" helped push them to the top of the charts here in the US. And they even promised me they'd play it tonight just for me! (And you know, everyone else at the show... but it still made me feel special!)

We also talked about new music:

(The new album) is basically done. It's being mixed right now. And it's going to be released at the beginning of next year. So a few months, not too long to go. "


And how the guys gear up before a show:

We chill. We do some meet and greets and watch the opening band Stars in Stereo. And just have a couple of drinks... We stick on some music. We have a little dance. That's actually true. We often will do that... and it's always  pop, like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry...

Of course I tried to get them to dance! No luck though. Maybe at The Stache show, we'll see some of their moves!

Check out the rest of the interview here!