Amazon is Giving Away Free Vinyl Records Right Now
With the hipster thing still being pretty big, it's done one amazing thing for music lovers: It's brought back the popularity of vinyl albums! A lot of vinyl has been released over the years in Europe, and for small labels, but the past few years, people have really been getting back …
A Quick List of Events for Record Store Day Tomorrow
Record Store day should be considered a national holiday!
It's a day where music enthusiast head out to their local record shops and support the local shops as opposed to the big corporate stores.
Interested? Here is a quick list of things going on at local shops!
Distubed Releasing Vinyl Collection on Record Store Day
I don't care how old vinyl supposedly is. I still prefer to listen to a vinyl record over any type of audio format. Vinyl just seems authentic! Even recently, the rise of vinyl is occurring in this generation, and that is awesome. On April 21, we celebrate Record Store day! Support the locals! …
Type O Negative Deluxe Vinyl Box Coming November 25
Record Stores are unfortunately a fading breed, like arcades in the early 90's. But if you are hardcore, you still play CD's and spin Vinyl, cause illegal downloads are for pu*sies, then commemorate the "Record Store BLACK FRIDAY," Type O Negative is unleashing a MASSIVE …

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