With the return of the vinyl album (even if I argue that it didn't really go away), lots of people are buying cheap turntables to listen to the new albums they bought on Record Store Day. But those cheap things are bad for the albums, digging into the grooves.

Even good turntables will eventually destroy the albums you listen to, since it's a sharp diamond needle dragging across the vinyl.

But now, if you have the money...okay, a LOT of money, you can listen to your LPs on a laser turntable from ELP (not the 70s prog band). There's apparently no digital conversion in the process, and the system use five lasers to track the grooves and read the audio more precisely than a needle. It will even play the warped albums you found in that box in the basement!

So if you're totally into the vinyl experience, because you love the sound and warmth of vinyl compared to digital recordings, and you happen to have $15,000 lying around, you too can buy one of these laser turntables for your collection!

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