Have someone who is a tough friend to buy for this holiday season? If they live in Grand Rapids, it's likely they enjoy music, food, beer or maybe all three. Here are 10 gifts I found that would fit the bill without breaking the bank.

  • 1

    This Coffee Mug

    Get amped up in the a.m. with this amplifier mug!

  • 2

    Guitarist "nutrition facts" mug

  • 3

    This Gift For Your Rocker Dad

    Not all heroes wear capes ya know...

  • 4

    This BBQ Tool Set

    Grilling season is a ways away, but rock never dies. With these tools, neither will the grip on your food.

  • 5

    This apron

    Know a sloppy drummer? Keep that favorite band T clean with this epic apron!

  • 6

    These Potholders

    Maybe your favorite rocker handles their pot irresponsibly, snag them a potholder or two!

  • 7

    This Cheese Shredder

    Even if you can't shred on a fender, you can shred some feta, provolone or really anything you want on this bad boy!

  • 8

    These Wooden Spoons

    Just about any drummer started with Mom and Dads pots and pans. These wood spoons will for sure take them back to their roots.

  • 9

    These Coasters

    Everyone has a favorite go-to album. While rockers rest, they need something for their beverage of choice to rest on as well.

  • 10

    These Bottle Openers

    What better way to crack open a cold one than with these guitar-shaped bottle openers?

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