With the hipster thing still being pretty big, it's done one amazing thing for music lovers: It's brought back the popularity of vinyl albums! A lot of vinyl has been released over the years in Europe, and for small labels, but the past few years, people have really been getting back into buying records.

Amazon, being an amazing company in my book, is stepping up to help get you all the vinyl you need. They're giving away vinyl every day for 13 days right now. Check it out!

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There's been debate over the vinyl/CD/digital thing every time some new technology gets released, and there's always some kind of trade-off. Do I love the way vinyl sounds compared to digital? Of course, it sounds much better, being analog. Nothing gets lost.

But do I love the fact that I can carry 10,000 songs in my freaking phone? Yes. Yes, I do.

When I'm not at home, I'm not as concerned with getting the full high quality sound I want at home. So there are upsides to both formats. When I'm at home, I love the sound of the vinyl. When I'm not home, I just love that I can still listen to my music.

I need to get all my records brought up here from Texas. I miss them. Is that weird?