I don't care how old vinyl supposedly is. I still prefer to listen to a vinyl record over any type of audio format. Vinyl just seems authentic! Even recently, the rise of vinyl is occurring in this generation, and that is awesome. On April 21, we celebrate Record Store day! Support the locals! Disturbed wants to help this grand day, by releasing a vinyl box set of all their records!

The box set is simply called, "The Collection" and includes each one of their albums from "The Sickness" to their latest album "Asylum." The box set is available for pre-order on their website for a simple cost of $129.99 for the entire collection, which really isn't bad for this highly collectible vinyl collection.

Uhhh man this would fit so well next to my Pantera records, but $129.99 is pretty damn steep for me right now...SOMEDAY! AHHH SOMEDAY!