I'm really happy that vinyl has been making a big comeback in the last few years. I've always loved the sound of music on vinyl, and I have a LOT of records. I've tried several different USB turntables over the years, hoping to capture the music and quality audio from some of my albums digitally...and so far, they've all sucked. Sony is hoping to change that with their new turnable.

I like Sony, they usually make pretty good stuff, and this PS-Hx500 Turntable looks like they've spent time making sure the turntable itself is good, and then adding on the ability to connect via USB to record the albums digitally.

I really hope it works, and sounds good, and the tonearm doesn't skip around the vinyl like the other USB turntables. They wouldn't adjust correctly, and you couldn't do much with them, and it was tough to get good audio.

This new Sony turntable promises up to SuperCD quality, and the tonearm and needle are supposed to be s fully adjustable as the old school turntables.

If you love vinyl and can't afford the $9,000 laser turntable, then this might be something you should look into.

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