Record Stores are unfortunately a fading breed, like arcades in the early 90's. But if you are hardcore, you still play CD's and spin Vinyl, cause illegal downloads are for pu*sies, then commemorate the "Record Store BLACK FRIDAY," Type O Negative is unleashing a MASSIVE Box set of vinyl for you headbanging needs.

Vinyl is still amazing and bad ass, especially when it comes to 'Metal Vinyl.'

The Type O Negative Box set will include these albums:

Slow, Deep and Hard
The Origin of the Feces
Bloody Kisses
October Rust
World Coming Down
Life Is Killing Me

Each album will be released in Green Double Vinyl and will have a set of 6 mini bumper stickers.

Type O Negative Drummer Johnny Kelly stated: "This looks great, but we’re disappointed that RR couldn’t get it together to do the scratch ‘n' sniff cover we wanted for The Origin Of The Feces."

Many artist are releasing limited edition vinyl in support of independent record stores, so go buy records dammit! Support the locals!