Monday night, Volbeat returned to Grand Rapids for a headlining show at 20 Monroe Live, and brought Dallas thrashers Power Trip with them. It was a crushing show, both bands kicked ass.

Power Trip hit the stage about 8, with some old-school style thrash, that reminded me a lot of Obituary. Especially with the vocals. That John Tardy style barking scream over super thrashy riffing, with cool solos, and some super heavy groove parts. Michael from Volbeat told the crowd that he's a big fan of this band. Check them out.

Then, Volbeat hit the stage, kicking off with "The Devil's Bleeding Crown". The sound mix for the show was fantastic! The sound wasn't too drum-heavy, as you can get a lot in metal shows, and the guitars were pretty prominent in the mix, which is great, since the riffs kick ass, and Rob Caggiano is an amazing lead player.

The band played songs from a lot of different albums, and even dedicated the song "Goodbye Forever" to the late Chris Cornell, which was very cool.

The crowd was loud, and singing along with all the songs, and it's really cool to hear everyone screaming "Fight! Fight" during "A Warrior's Call".

I'm glad Volbeat came back for a headlining set, since the shows they've played here over the last few years have been shorter, opening for other bands. These guys sound amazing live, and really bring the energy. They also love to see the crowd-surfing.

We also got to get some GRD winners in to meet Volbeat before the show (THANKS BRITT!), and they were fantastic, talking with everyone, signing, and taking photos with all the winners. Great night!

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