Record Store day should be considered a national holiday!

It's a day where music enthusiast head out to their local record shops and support the local shops as opposed to the big corporate stores.

Interested? Here is a quick list of things going on at local shops!

Listed below are the shops that are located in the greater Grand Rapids area. If I missed a shop, feel free to comment below with what's going on there!

  • Dodd's Record Shop

    20 Division Ave S Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Dodds Records 3p-8p *All ages*
    Flamingo Lounge 9p-Midnite *21+*)

    Record Store Day at Dodds will include a FREE pass to the after-party! at Flamingo Lounge later that evening!

    Vinyl specials and FREEBIES all day long at Dodds!

    Rum Chata Pitchers at Flamingo Lounge from Bradee Kerkstra and Linda Lawton (...and Bailey)

    *Order of appearance TBA the day before the show

    Dodds Record Store (Since 1951):

    Featuring TWO performance by Old Man Jenkins!

    Old Man Jenkins!
    Carol Johnson
    Dead Eye Zack
    Slumlord Radio
    Bet on Rats
    Murder Party
    Glen Danles
    Another One
    Larry Lawrence Bate
    Old Man Jenkins

    Flamingo Lounge (Since 1961):

    Carol Johnson
    Bet on Rats
    Slumlord Radio
    Another One
    Murder Party
    Dead Eye Zack

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  • Corner Record Shop

  • Vertigo Records

    129 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Our annual celebration of vinyl, local music and record store culture returns! Join us all day April 18, please join us for a party featuring live bands, great deals on records and CDs, free refreshments, exclusive Record Store Day releases* and music-fueled camaraderie.

    We're happy to welcome the following local(ish) bands to the makeshift stage for live performances throughout the day. The schedule:

    Noon - Id of Christ
    1 PM - Tail from the Crypt
    2 PM - Black Monuments & the Lippies
    3 PM - Sapphic
    4 PM - Cosmonaut
    5 PM - Silverstiles
    6 PM - Hi-Ker

    (*As always, we won't know which RSD special releases we'll be getting until the shipments arrive.)