Pop Evil have had an amazing few years, with their growing success, and the huge success of the Onyx album over the past couple of years. They wrapped up their touring behind the album a few weeks ago at The Intersection on December 20th, with a sold out show!

Now, the guys are already back at it, working on demos for their next album!

They've headed to Seattle for the work on this one, and they've sent us this special Grand Rapids update this week, covering what they've been doing. It's been all about tweaking the songs, getting good demos done, and getting completely prepared for the recording process to begin.

Enjoy the GRD exclusive photos from the studio, and Chachi's video update for us on Pop Evil 4!

The guys begin the full-on recording of the new album next, and we look forward to next week's update on the progress!

New Pop Evil this year, so get ready, Grand Rapids!