Pop Evil has wrapped up their touring in support of the "Onyx" album, and they did it with a huge show at home here in Grand Rapids, at the Intersection with WGRD!

Thanks to everyone who came out and rocked with all the bands that night!  It was a fantastic show, and all the bands rocked hard all night long, hung out with fans, signed everything put in front of them, and more!

Before the show even began, the Pop Evil guys visited with some WGRD ticket winners, and played a few acoustic versions of their songs, including, "Monster You Made", and "Torn to Pieces".

"Monster You Made" acoustic performance:

Then, the show kicked off, with a local band that rocked the hell out of the crowd to get things started.  After, Letters from the Fire, Islander, Red Sun Rising, and Grand Rapids' own, Hurry Home got things even crazier in preparation for the mighty Pop Evil's return to the Intersection stage!

The band tore through a great set, and the crowd sang along to all the songs, and the version of "Beautiful" was really cool, with just Leigh on the part of the stage right in the middle of the crowd, with everyone singing along!

Johnnie, Janna, and Ned introducing Pop Evil:

"Bosses Daughter":

"100 in a 55":


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