Hey guys!

Ready for some deep emotional honesty?

These are my raw feelings in a ‘diary’ form without edits. As I felt something, I wrote it down. It’s how I cope. I never go back and read what I write but it feels relieving to jot them down.
Some blog posts will be complete and clean, others will be unfinished and hard to follow. This is as personal as it gets. I get pretty deep. I hesitated on releasing these but transparency is very important to me.

Here is an kinda an outline to start things off.... A few months back I shared with everyone that my wife Kate and I are separated and will be getting a divorce. I try my best to be transparent with the listeners. I feel like I owe it to you guys. You spend so much of your lives listening and following our madness I always want to be genuine with you.

Truth is, surprise!!! I’m human, too. I’m just a normal ass dude with normal ass problems but with less teeth. I say that because a lot of what I’ve lived through in the past and what I’m currently going through is the same stuff you guys went through and are currently battling. We share the same struggles. Please don’t think that just because I get to talk behind a mic and push play on a morning radio show that my life is any different than yours... it’s not.
I asked for privacy during my divorce and I can’t thank everyone enough for all the breathing room. I’m truly thankful for that. I think I finally hit a point where I can talk about it without spiraling out of control. Yes it still hurts like a mofo but sometimes it helps to talk about things. Unfortunately divorce is a very real side effect to marriage that affects millions of people. I’m just an ant on the ant hill.

Let’s get real.

NF is a Hip Hop artist from Michigan and his new album 'Perception' came at the right time for me. This song 'If You Want Love' hits me pretty hard. 

- Justin -  Justin@freebeerandhotwings.com

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