Justin Divorce Chronicles - Part 1
How do you cope with emotional pain? After months of being miserable, I think I am finally ready to open up about my divorce and some of the battles I silently endured in the process. These divorce blogs are raw, honest and unedited.
How Many Hate Groups Are In West Michigan
With the events in Charlottesville with various hate groups, It makes you wonder how prevalent is hate in our country?  We don’t have hate groups around us, do we?  I would have seen their work by now, right?
Wrong.  Huffington Post did a story about a report the Southe…
Top 10 Things Girls Think Are Cute, But Aren’t
With Valentines Day around the corner you're gonna have to put some thought into your woman.  Her cute little quirks will come to mind and...ok,  not fooling anyone here - you won't do that.  What will come to mind are things she thinks are cute but you don't...