The guys discover on Segment 16 today that the internet isn't really concerned with being fair to referees. Surprise! A college ref opened a business, and is getting DESTROYED in his online reviews, but not because of his actual work...but his ref work on the court.

John Higgins, was the ref between Kentucky and North Carolina, and Kentucky fans didn't like the job he did in the game. So, they decided to flood Yelp with horrible reviews of his roofing business.

In local news, tattoo artist Andrea DeLeon posted on Facebook that she would give free coverup tattoos to people who had self-harm, racist, or gang tattoos, and wanted to hide them. All in order to spread love, not hate. Great message, right?

Now, she's been FLOODED with calls for appointments for free tattoos.


She's still happy to do them, but she's doing it only on Monday's, so try to be nice and set it up with her for an upcoming Monday. Pass it along, and get more information on what Andrea is doing, here.

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