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Dear loyal listeners...

One of the best parts of my job is interacting with you each day. It's a blessing to have such an amazing listener base who is as passionate about the FBHW show as much as those of us who are blessed to be on the show. Its super rare to have such loyal support for something so dumb. I take your commitment to the fbhw show very serious. To me you're more than listeners to a radio show. You are the blood that keeps the heart pumping. without you, I wouldn't be able to live out my passion. You are appreciated.

When I accepted this job I made a commitment to share my entire life with all of you. I feel I owe it you. Over the last year I've shared some super embarrassing stories about myself, my past, my family and my personal life. I've always tried my hardest to be transparent and to connect to the audience through staying true to myself, being genuine and being a honest person.

With that honesty comes vulnerability, especially when it comes to the inner details of my personal life.

Much like most of you, I fight silent battles. I have battle wounds, I have struggles,I've made mistakes and I live with deep regret. I'm human and so are you. In return for my honesty and openness, I'm asking you take what I say next respectfully.

Many of you have asked about my wife, Kate, and where she is. It's still mind blowing to me that so many people would have an interest in my crap life. I cringed inside every time she was asked about it an email, a tweet or in person. Part of me wanted to tell you nosy bastard to F off and let me live my life... but I made a commitment to you.
I thought writing you a letter, sharing it on the air one time would be the best approach.

Here it is...

After a 9-year relationship and 5 years of marriage filled full of deep laughs, unconditional love and growth, Kate and I are fighting to keep our relationship strong. When you love someone so deeply and for so long, it's incredibly painful to know a divorce is probably in our near future. I've been secretly battling this for a few months and it's been paralyzingly painful.

Almost two months back, Kate packed up her stuff up and is now living in Washington with Grizzwald. To say I miss them is an understatement. In our marriage, we had a our hiccups that we aloud to take us off our path together. Unfortunately, sometimes you don't know what's happening until it happens.

We are currently still talking, but divorce talk has been thoroughly discussed. In a perfect world we would put our problems and differences aside and give it one last shot. Not one last shot at marriage but one last shot as friends.

Our relationship was first built off friendship and I think that's a good start-over point. In a perfect world, that friendship would turn into a long distance relationship which would turn into a greater commitment.

It's not easy sharing this with the world, but I want you all to know, quitters never achieve their goals and dreams. Working things out with Kate is very first on my goals and dreams list. She is an amazing woman who deserves the best!

Please respect Kate and I through this. This is a journey I feel some of you can relate to which is one major reason to publish my situation. No need for emails or tweets showing remorse or support. I know you crazies have my back and I love you all so much for that. I truly appreciate all of you.

I've learned a lot about myself through this. I learned that there are things about my personality that I don't like but I have the power to improve them with effort. I don't like it that when someone hurts me it's my immediate response to hurt them back. I want to learn to not let my past insecurities ruin my future. Someone close to me once said " if you have one foot in yesterday and the other foot in tomorrow, you're peeing all over today". Don't be like me a pee all over yourself. Life's too short not to love, take risks and make self improvements.

Thanks for all the support and making me feel like part of your family.

I hope by sharing this publicly it helps someone else out in some way.

Thanks again!

Full of love,
Justin........and that's what I think.

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