We all know burgers and beer are basically a staple for the perfect father's day, you get some cheddar on there, make sure the buns are toasted real nice, maybe some onions and mayo, and the best ingredient...SPIT!

Okay so nobody actually wants spit in their burgers, unless you're some kind of creep. Well Curtis Mays is no creep (as far as we know) so when he got his receipt from this Queens restaurant he was less than excited about the "secret sauce" added to his food.

When Mays read his receipt, he found his burger order featured "please spit in it too." We can only assume he didn't actually ask for it and the waitress was being a brat for some reason but she denied doing it!

Mays caught the waitress in her loogie-loving lie when she first denied doing it but then said she's the one who put in and printed the receipt!

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