Guys if you want get in good with the chick you want to pork, get in good with her friends! I was drinking with a couple of dudes last week and they told me about some article they recently read about how to make it easier to pick up and nail the chick you want to pick up and nail! To the best of my drunk memory, here is what they told me.

1- Remember her friends names, even if there’s a bunch of them.

"This is Tiffany, and Becky, and Michelle, and Lucy, and Brandi and Suzy", blah, blah blah. Whatever, just remember them and then call her friends by name when you’re hanging out with all of them.

2- Buy them a round of drinks.

Yes, your wallet is going to take a hit but it will make a good impression. And do it early in the night, before her friends are hammered, so they remember.

3- Compliment them.

If you compliment your dates friends it shows you’re a nice guy and you’re paying attention to more than just the piece of ass your hoping to get from her friend later that night.

4- Tone down the PDA.

If you start dry humping a chicks leg in the bar its only going to make her friends feel uncomfortable and make you seem creepy.

5- Follow up the night with a compliment email, call or text about how cool her friends were.

That way she'll say "Oh my god Bobby sent me a text today saying how cool you were Suzy", and then Suzy will say "yea, Bobby was cool too, you should do him!" And then just like that, you’re in!

At least that’s what the guys I was talking to in the bar were saying. And I have to admit, some of those thing would probably work! Or at least help the cause!

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