The Carnival of Chaos has been missing from the metal scene for a good few years. The Carnival of Chaos is one of Michigan's premiere METAL FESTIVALS complete with body suspension, tattooing, piercing, camping, wet t-shirt contest, and most importantly...over 70 metal bands! This year, it all comes back to Moreland Motorcross Park in Stanton for three days!

The Carnival of Chaos will take place in Stanton at Moreland Motorcross Park on June 12-14! 3 DAYS of Metal and more!

The Carnival of Chaos Festival is 3 days of rock, metal and electronic music with free camping and BYOB. The 2014 event will feature 70 rock & metal bands, 10 electronic music artists, body suspensions by Bradde Hamman, Kat the Midget Stripper, custom glass blowers, lingerie pillow fighting tournaments, wet t-shirt contests, fire breathing burlesque performances, free camping and 100 % BYOB to the whole event.

Headlining for the weekend will be: WAYNE STATIC of STATIC-X performing the entire 'Wisconsin Death Trip' album! Featering hits like 'Push It' and 'I'm with Stupid!' Also with them is Ventana and Blue Felix!

To complete the weekend, you will find all of your favorite local metal bands from all across the state!
It Lies Within, Thira, Trudg,Willy Wompa, Kill Tomorrow,6 Prong Paw, Society Kills ,Know Lyfe ,Ethan Stevans, Flood The Desert, Harry Man Back (Tool Tribute band), All for the, Cause, Lakeshore Drive , Dirt Chili, Mine Enemies Fall, Martyr for Madison, Skies of Autumn, From Blue to Gray, Violent Vessel, The 2nd System, Fallout of Reason, As I Said, Before, Full Strike Frenzy, Memories of Murder, Arrhythmia, Im Will Cutting , Endseve, Theocracide, Josh Dennis acoustic, Damaru master hand percussionist, Oceans Over Earth, Fallen, 4warned, Foreshadow of Chaos, Haunt's Tone , Hide the Evidence, Valkerie's Point, Dizco, Nuskin, Zordon, Black Kraken, Behold the Destroyer, Failed Society, Fire Said Albatross, Burden of Ages, Templar's Verdict, SicXten, Until Again, Jack Napier's Brand X, Ingred Cold, Hated By Most, Dactylion , Seraphim, Slaughtercaust, Smoke the Forest 

Hosted by GRD's Metalhead Ned

Check out their website for ticket info, details, and every thing at