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The Final Time I Saw Wayne Static Live [Video]
I can't believe the news that I got this weekend.
I was sitting at a Halloween party dressed as Alice Cooper just scrolling through my phone when I scrolled past a story that I never wanted to see" Static-X Frontman Wayne Static had passed away.
The air was taken from my lungs and I just kinda fr…
Wayne Static Rocked Carnival of Chaos
The main event had finally occurred! Something we had been waiting for all weekend! Wayne Static returned to the stage to perform Static-X's album 'Wisconsin Death Trip!"
That night, he dominated the stage!
The Interesting World of ‘Body Suspension’
Have you ever wanted to stick hooks into your body and be swung around like a dangling piece of meat? No? Why not?
If you've never seen this before, it could make you cringe easily if you have a soft stomach. However, if you look at it and think, "That is awesome." Then body su…
The Crazy People of Carnival of Chaos
Carnival of Chaos has come and gone last weekend, but I am still recovering from the weekend. On the third day, it actually hurt to be awake. Besides all of the bands and stuff, the people who attend Carnival of Chaos are all pretty crazy. They are there to forget about work and everyday life, and j…
This Guy Partied Hard at Carnival of Chaos
It's the morning, I am tired, and it was pretty cold...that's always fun. Fortunatly, I had a tent and a warm sleeping bag to sleep in. It was cold windy morning for me.
This guy though, well that's a different story.
Get All Your Metal-ness at Carnival of Chaos
Besides camping, metal, rock, etc. There are a lot of cool vendors at Carnival of Chaos. Not only can you get some cool clothing, but they are blowing glass, get some delicious food, and heck, how about a Metalhead Ned T-shirt?
Carnival of Chaos Day 1 Recap
Talk about one heck of day! There was fire breathers, drunk people, and a variety of music from all around the state. Check out my full recap here and some of the unique moments I captured.
Wayne Static and Ventana Headline Carnival of Chaos 2014 in Stanton
The Carnival of Chaos has been missing from the metal scene for a good few years. The Carnival of Chaos is one of Michigan's premiere METAL FESTIVALS complete with body suspension, tattooing, piercing, camping, wet t-shirt contest, and most importantly...over 70 metal bands! This year, it all c…
Carnival of Chaos Shall Bring METAL to The Intersection on Saturday!
In order to become famous, you really need to get started somewhere. There is NO SUCH THING as overnight success....most of the time. Pantera played in roller rinks, KISS played in c' gotta give love to the locals. So if you are lookin' for a good time with a drunk santa, a mi…