The 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival made a stop in Grand Rapids earlier this week and frontman Adam Gontier and bassist Brad Walst from Three Days Grace were kind enough to sit down with me before their set at Van Andel Arena. The band is still going strong with their most recent album, Life Starts Now, two years after its release. Luckily, 3DG fans can look forward to a new album in the near future. I was also happy to share my love of poutine with Adam and Brad as well.

Since the release of Three Days Grace's self-titled album back in 2003, the Ontario, Canada band has been putting out releases every three years. It's highly likely that the trend will continue according to Adam.

"It just so happen to work out that way," said the singer. "We put out a record and then we spend a certain amount of time out on the road. And then we get home, write the record, record the record and then three years go by and the next record is out."

Gontier continued: "We're working on the next record right now. Whether or not it's going to be another year until it comes out, I don't think so. It might be a shorter period. We'll see what happens."

No band can ever know what to expect when they release a new album, but Three Days Grace are happy with the results from Life Starts Now.

"We've been touring for two years on it and we're pretty happy with the record," Walst said. "You can't really expect anything when you write music. We're happy that our fans really relate to it."

We also discussed how bands survive in the music industry today, the deliciousness of poutine and I even told them I put "Lost In You" on a mix CD I made for a girl. Yeah, I'm fly like that. Watch the whole interview below.

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