It happens to a lot of us.  We're confronted by a gorgeous woman, and our brain shuts down completely.  It happened to me just today.  While I was on the air.


As soon as we meet them, we start trying all the things we hear girls talk about wanting, don't we?  Compliments, eye contact, all that stuff.  We can hear in our heads all our female friends waxing on about how that's what women really want.

B******t.  And science can prove it.

Who would have thought that something as simple as "talking to her" could be such a big turn off for a woman?  Or how about "acting interested", "complimenting her looks", or "being nice".  Did you know that just having the wrong name can also send running for the door?

I think we all know that dancing is pretty much out of the question, so that's not surprising.

So guys, no matter what women tell you they want, apparently what they REALLY want is a disinterested, mean guy that won't show any interest in even talking with her.

Write that down.  I'm getting it tattooed on my arm.