Surprise! Men Are More Likely to Die Stupidly than Women
Can you believe people actually pay big money for research projects to determine what anyone with a brain can immediately answer?
A study has been done to see if men are more likely to die stupidly and win a Darwin award than women are.
Umm...just a quick guess before I read the study...I will say, ye…
Jackie & FBHW- Pajama Jeans For Men
I completely forgot to post this! Two weeks ago I was on with Free Beer and Hot Wings and we got a good chuckle at a new trend, pajama jeans- for men! One of our co-workers from our sister station, Channel 957 modeled a pair on WZZM and the guys had some fun with it. Listen here.
Gross Things Men And Women Do
There is an article going around on the Internet of "gross" things women do that men don't know about.
I talked about that today, and while all the things on the list were true for me, I didn't think they would surprise any of our male audience.
So, I took calls from gentlemen listening an…