I do enjoy myself an awesome 'survival horror' video game!

I still love playing the original Resident Evil, even with it's campy voice overs and clunky controls. That terrified feeling and the creepy atmosphere has continued to sell Resident Evil.

Then RE 6 came around and destroyed all of that. Even though the series has declined, director Shinji Mikami has another up his sleeve ... and it looks awesome.

Check out this new trailer for The Evil Within!

This trailer alone has sold me on this game pretty well. I have been looking forward to a game that 'scares' me again. It has also been awhile that I have been excited for a video game to come out, with the exception of Super Smash Bros. WiiU.

The scariest game I have ever played was the original Silent Hill on PS1, will this game be the newest game in terror? I sure hope so.

Watch the video below for an extended play video, and it just get's more and more creepy. The game play reminds me of Resident Evil 4, and that's a good thing.