Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Has Me Exicted [Video]
The new Star Wars film has me extremely excited for December! I have watched that little trailer so many times!
Now the trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake has me just as excited as Star Wars, and it's glorious.
The New DOOM Gameplay Looks Freaking Amazing [Video]
E3 is destroying gamer minds right now, with some amazing stuff coming out soon. Fallout 4, Hololens, and one thing I've been looking forward to, the new DOOM!
I've loved DOOM since the original, even though I've always sucked at it. The whole thing is cool. Hell, Mars, advanced weapons...what's not …
Microsoft Announces Xbox One With 1TB HD [Video]
It was only a matter of time, don't you think?
I don't own an Xbox One yet, and I am far from purchasing one anytime soon. Mostly because I am quite happy with my Nintendo WiiU currently.
When XB1 came out, it was instantly critisized because of it's 500 GB HD.
Turns out Microsoft wants …
Finally Decided to Pick up WiiFitU on Nintendo WiiU [Video]
I hate to say it, but I am kind of a big guy.
Not a huge guy, but I could stand to lose a few pounds. I have a membership to Planet Fitness, I go for walks randomly, etc. Nothing I would call a hardcore workout regimen though, which at some I hope to do.
As a supplement to hopefully losing a few pound…
Atari: Game Over Documentary Available on Netflix [Video]
A few months ago, Microsoft funded a documentary that was set to debunk the myth about the mystery of the Atari landfill.
According to myth, Atari buried thousands of video game cartridges after they declared bankruptcy in New Mexico.
Was the myth true though?
‘The Sims’ is Still One of the Best Games of All Time [Video]
One of the biggest PC games of all time is 'The Sims.' A game where you take control of little people, build a house, get a job, have a kid, etc.
A life simulator essentially.
When this game came out, it blew a lot of peoples minds. We were no longer building cities, ant colonies, or towers.…
Fun Facts About Original Nintendo [Video]
Looking for a cool history lesson about that old Nintendo game console you can find in your parents' attic?
Did You Know Gaming has all of your answers so you can impress your nerdy friends.
Super Mario 64 Remade in HD [Video]
Super Mario 64 is one of the best games ever made, at least in my opinion that is.
It has stellar platforming, fun game play, and changed how 3-D games would be made from that point forward. It was also the first Nintendo 64 video game that I ever owned.
Over the years, the graphics have not aged well…

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