The Evil Within

The Evil Within is Pretty Terrifying
Last night, I finally got to try the latest entry into the survival horror genre. I have been waiting a good long while for another game like this to arrive to game consoles. Something that wasn't all shooting this and that, but a genuine experience. That is exactly what I got with The Evil Wit…
The Evil Within Hits Store Shelves Today! [Video]
Finally! A game that I am actually excited about! It has been quite some time since I have been actually excited for a game to be released.
The only games that seem to really wow me these days are Nintendo games. Why? They seem original, or at least are improvements over their previous release which…
The Evil Within Looks Like a Terrifying New Game [Video]
I do enjoy myself an awesome 'survival horror' video game!
I still love playing the original Resident Evil, even with it's campy voice overs and clunky controls. That terrified feeling and the creepy atmosphere has continued to sell Resident Evil.
Then RE 6 came around and destroyed all of that. Eve…