Johnnie Walker, Janna, and Metalhead Ned Ring in New Year! [Audio]
If you were listening to the WGRD All Request New Year's Eve Show, you would have heard some of us in our prime!
We had a good time and we hope you did, too!
While you were making out with someone or celebrating, we were singing that song that your supposed to sing on New Year's.
Give us a br…
Just Another Strange Day at the Radio Station
It's a pretty slow day here at the radio station, I have exhausted everything that I can do. Heck, I have even worked way ahead so I can get other things done as they approach! That's called 'smart working!' I started to clean the Promotions office and I found something I would n…
Check Out WGRD’s New Studio – It’s Done!
You've heard us all talking about the new studio we finally got to get into this week, and how we're all getting used to it.  It's really cool, and really open, which is unusual for a lot of stations.
Most of the time, you're buried behind a million computer screens, hoping t…

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