walt disney world marathon

Jackie Earns Money For The AT-Childrens Project
This is my 3rd consecutive year earning money for the AT-Children's project! If you aren't familiar with A-T it is a disease that affects children at birth. It's degenerative and they are in desperate need of more medical research.
Jackie’s Vacation Shenanigans
I am back! Hold your excitement please ;) all last week I was gone not only running, the Walt Disney world half marathon, but I was on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas! For one thing the race was awesome! I ran pretty solid, and earned over 2,000 dollars for the AT-Children's project! The cruise on the…
Jackie’s Running for the AT-Children’s Project!
Once again I'll be competing in the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend! This year I am going to race the half marathon. I have made it my goal to earn 600 dollars for children suffering at AT. It is an unbelievable cause and they can definitely use our help...