I am back! Hold your excitement please ;) all last week I was gone not only running, the Walt Disney world half marathon, but I was on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas! For one thing the race was awesome! I ran pretty solid, and earned over 2,000 dollars for the AT-Children's project! The cruise on the other hand... WAS ALSO AWESOME! It consisted of a lot of sun, and a lot of beer. Here are a few pictures, you can tune in tonight between 7 and midnight to hear the corresponding stories.

One of my best friends and I playing around at the photo booth the day before the race!
I'm freaking done!
So happy the A-T Cure Team earned over 750,000 dollars this year!!! WOW!!
This was not long after the race....
officially on the ship!
on my way for a snorkeling extravaganza!
in my snorkel gear... let's do this!
I just liked this thing I saw at a marketplace in the Bahamas
yup... this happened
still happening...
yup, drank a bit too much and the western photos were just screaming at me, DRESS UP AND TAKE A PHOTO!

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