Once again I'll be competing in the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend! This year I am going to race the half marathon. I have made it my goal to earn 600 dollars for children suffering at AT. It is an unbelievable cause and they can definitely use our help. In return I'll not only be racing the half marathon (13.1 miles!) but I plan on going in there and destroying Eric Zane of Free Beer and Hot Wings!

Help me destroy Eric Zane! (He most definitely deserves it!) by donating as little as 1 dollar to the ATCP. Any and every donation makes a difference, and like I said if I can get the 600 dollars I'll either make it my personal mission to kick Zane's ass, or if I for some reason don't beat him, I'll make sure to destroy him some other way! ;)

Click this link HERE to donate and help make a difference in a kid's life, (and to help me meet my goal so I can race and beat Zane!)