This is my 3rd consecutive year earning money for the AT-Children's project! If you aren't familiar with A-T it is a disease that affects children at birth. It's degenerative and they are in desperate need of more medical research.

The money I (and other A-T runners!) earn goes toward funding that research. In return I normally run the Walt Disney World Marathon. This year I will be once again returning to Disney but instead of the marathon I'm running whats called "The Dopey." Where in 4 consecutive days I run a 5k, 10k, half marathon and on the final day a marathon!

I decided since I am running such a crazy event I want to try and earn DOUBLE the money I earned last year! So this year my goal is 1200 dollars! I am about half way there now. If you want to help all you need to do is click HERE. It's a tax deductible donation that is helping such an amazing cause.

Plus check it out, I am training in this weather... I deserve a little help here folks ;)