Huh. So Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Got Engaged in Kalamazoo?
Who knew that the home of Gibson Guitars and Bell's Brewery was also the place that Ozzy Osbourne popped the question to Sharon?
Sharon Osbourne posted a "Flashback Friday" photo to Twitter today of the special day, with the caption "The day Ozzy propose…
The World’s Richest Lead Singers
The website Celebrity Net Worth is at it again with a new list of the richest lead singers in the world.  Paul McCartney tops the list with an estimated net worth of $800 million.
Here are the top 10 richest lead singers...
1.  Paul McCartney - $800 million
Ozzy’s Son Has MS
Jack Osbourne has been diagnosed with MS.The timing couldn't be worse as 26-year-old Jack just became a father a couple of months ago.
MS is a disease of the nervous system and symptoms include memory loss, slurred speech and dizziness (maybe Ozzy should get checked out too)...
Animated Series Featuring The Osbournes May Be Coming Soon
If all goes well we may to get to see the return of  "The Osbournes" to TV.  Only this time the Prince of Darkness and his brood will be in animated form.  Word is, a 20 episode series called the "F'n Osbournes" is being shopped around to som…
Original Black Sabbath Lineup Reunite for New Album
Ozzy hath called down the mighty thunder of Tommy Iommi and the other original members of Black Sabbath to create a new album. The whole project is supposed to be kind of a secret, but Ozzy Osbourne is not very good at keeping that secret.
Memorable Super Bowl XLV Commercials
A look back at some of the best / worst commericals from the 2011 Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.
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