Jackie’s Throwback Thursday
It's Thursday which means it is the designated day to reminisce. I'm up with the social media, I am all about the #TBT (Throwback Thursday.) This week I was going through some older stuff and found a series of photos from summer 2010! I was working here at GRD doing nights and I was als…
Cosplay Girl Does “Dexter” Photo Shoot
I shared Callie Cosplay's "Horror Film Tribute" last week. This week I need to share her latest photos, a Dexter themed shoot! While I wasn't exactly happy with the series finale of my favorite show... This photo shoot still is beyond cool, especially for all you Dexter fans out there! Che…
Grand Rapids Hottie of the Week- Alicia Kozfkay
Name: Alicia Kozfkay
Height: 5’3.5 (the half is important when you are short.)
Weight: 105 pounds
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Long & Blonde.
Favorite Food: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
Favorite Michigan Sports Team: Croswell Lexington Pioneers!
Meet ‘GRD Alterna-Chick Chelsie!
Hey Everyone, I’m Chelsie a full-time Optometry student originally from Auburn, MI. I recently graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelors degree in Biology but decided to continue my education for another four years. I can’t wait until my hard work pays off...
Rock Star for a Day!
I don't play any instruments, I'm not a good singer, and I do not have any tattoos... all in all I am a typical 25 year old girl, so you can bet I was fricken excited when I got to play rock star for a day in a photo shoot with Zach Sutton (hes a kick ass dude photographer/bass player...