Models aren't really known for their eating abilities. Usually you'll hear more about their vomit-skills, or their starvation-stats. But this model from New Zealand, Nela Zisser, took on a burrito eating challenge. The goal: eat a two pound burrito in under two minutes.

Did she get it done?

Of course she did! In only 1:44! She shoved that hot, thick burrito into her mouth like she'd handled a tube of meat before! Not a bit of meat escaped her mouth, as she slurped it down without any trouble!

She didn't even gag once!

Checking out her YouTube channel, it's quick to see that Nela loves to take on the foot-long meat, too! This girl doesn't even hesitate to tackle five jumbo foot-longs, getting them all into her within FOUR MINUTES!

I think she got a little mayo on her chin...