Naked Man Chasing Seagulls Arrested – FBHW Segment 16
Today on Segment 16, the guys whine about the weather. They complain all winter about the cold, and can't wait for summer. Now that summer's here, they want fall. And are looking forward to winter. Jeez. Then, they check out a story about an Ann Arbor man arrested for chasing…
Michigan Man Drives Cross Country with Corpse in Front Seat [Video]
This is INSANE! So, this 60-something-year-old dude went to a mental health facility in Arizona near Phoenix to pick up his 30-something-year-old girlfriend.
She downed some pills outside a gas station and died while they were driving.
When he realized she was dead, he decided the best plan was to…
One Man Street Band Plays Star Wars Theme Song!
I've never seen a street performer do something like this, and I would totally give them money if I did!  Swedish street performer Anders Flanderz rocks this one mand band version of the Star Wars theme!  Geek out with this guy and Star Wars!
Jackie’s Old Intern Blog Take 1
Some of you may remember back to the summer of 2009 when I was an intern on the Free Beer and Hot Wings show. They called me JMV, or Jackie Man Voice. A name that I really don't mind because it's kind of true. I was goofing around on their website the other day and found a few of my old…